Thursday, June 10, 2010

My vision is blurred this time of year

The sun has finally come out in Utah and warmed the air. It all came at once this time and the rivers went from dry to flood stage in less than a week. With that being said, there was no time to delay and everything I have to do is put on the back burner for the next little while.
The Logan River, Little cottonwood, Big cottonwood, The Weber river, the Provo river and every other creek that drains the high mountain tops of Utah were all blessed with a torrent of whitewater. I have been able to paddle 3 of 4 days so far this week and hopefully will get more done this weekend.
Unless you are a kayaker, You would not understand the excessive checking of flows, the endless laps walking up and down your local run, or getting up early to get some early morning rides on your favorite surf wave before work.
Some how, my peripheral vision goes blurry and I only have eyes for one thing, WHITEWATER!!
So to all those Utah boaters, Get out and enjoy the water while you can. Before you know it all our rivers will be back to their calm and placid selves and you will find yourself dreaming of ribbons of white flowing from on high!
Be Safe!

Check out some sick video action!

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