Monday, March 29, 2010

Yurt Trips are good for the soul

Last week was the annual Blind Hollow yurt trip for a few members of the Rapid Progression Kayak School team. It happens each March and is always a highlight of the ski season. This year we did not have the entire crew there but we had a new addition and good times were had by all.

The Blind Hollow yurt is located up Logan Canyon. The trailhead starts just below Temple Fork. The ski in is just over for miles and about 2000 vertical ft. once you are at the yurt, the skiing options that are endless. All aspects have great terrain from mellow meadow skipping to big open bowls to narrow chutes. This trip we decided to cross Cottonwood canyon and head towards Mt. Elmer. Just east of Mt. Elmer we found some north facing chutes where the snow was deep and creamy. I truly was shocked at the quality of snow we found. It has been weeks since a significant storm in Northern Utah and we were skiing great powder on 35-40 degree slopes. Some of the best skiing I have had all season.

Here is a map of the area and where we skied.

If any of you are interested in skiing to any of the 3 yurts up Logan Canyon, contact The Utah State University Outdoor rec.

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