Friday, April 9, 2010

Westminster Roll Clinics

Rapid Progression Kayak School hooked up with the Westminster Outdoor Recreation program last fall and began teaching kayak classes once a week. We have gained quite a following at the school. We have a great turnout each week and are excited to welcome new faces. Ross, a student there has even taken the initiative to get a whitewater club going.

The sessions usually consist of going over basic paddle strokes, play an aggressive game of kayak polo and then finish it off with rolling practice. Roughly 90% of the students end up rolling after one session! I guess college students just know how to snap those hips!

Westminster has a great pool facility and the students are geared and ready for anything that is outdoor related. It is easy to make great things happen with the students.

We hope to go on some trips this spring so all the students can try their skills in the river! Rapid Progression wants this program to continue for many semesters to come.

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